Bassel Khartabil, Beloved Technology Innovator, Arrested March 15, 2012. Executed October 2015. Death Confirmed August 2017.


GLOBAL - Thursday, 09 March 2017 - March 15, 2017 marks 5 years Bassel Khartabil has been detained in Syria, and over a year since completely #disappeared. The #FREEBASSEL campaign asks supporters to take the pledge to do 5 public acts to be posted about on social media with the tag #freebassel5years to increase awareness about Bassel’s situation. It is 5 years he has been arbitrarily jailed and we will not quit until he is completely #FREEBASSEL.

To inspire the #freebassel5years 5 public acts pledge, Bassel friend and #freebassel co-campaign lead Jon Phillips is releasing a secret letter Bassel wrote to Jon on January 31, 2014 and had delivered from behind the walls of Adra Prison at great risk to himself.

“In mid-2014 I received a personal handwritten note from Bassel. And, as I’ve come to find out, there are many more handwritten messages from Bassel to people outside the walls of his fake jailing in Damascus’ notorious Adra Prison. His January 31, 2014 letter to me is the first of several to come, Letters from Adra Prison,” said Phillips. “This letter released today is in simple raw image form. We need help to make Bassel’s projects become real, starting with this letter towards #freebassel5years.”

The first two pages of the letter may be accesssed at http://letters.freebassel.org.

5 public acts for #freebassel5years ideas

All are encouraged to follow Phillips’ lead and do 5 public acts to be posted about on social media with the tag #freebassel5years. Some suggestions, easy and hard, accessible and inaccessible:

  • Retweet or reshare #freebassel5years posts on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.
  • If you’ve received a handwritten message from Bassel, contact letters@freebassel.org. We’ll coordinate social media and other sharing with you.
  • Find and share your favorite #freebassel media on all social media channels, using the tag #freebassel5years. Places to find media include Openclipart, Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, Internet Archive, YouTube, and Soundcloud.
  • Hold a #freebassel5years vigil, picnic, hackathon, protest, or other physical space event, and share digital representations of the event or artifacts created there on #freebassel5years social media.
  • Remix or create your own #freebassel media, upload to your favorite sites, and share links on social media, using the tag #freebassel5years everywhere.
  • Share projects honoring Bassel such as the Cost of Freedom book, again on social media under the tag #freebassel5years.
  • Share ongoing projects founded by Bassel, such as the #NEWPALMYRA project…on social media, tagged #freebassel5years.
  • State on social media that you’re participating in #freebassel5years, e.g., 1. I pledge to make 5 public acts to demand a #freebassel for #freebassel5years, join me http://freebassel.org/campaign/events/freebasselday/2017/03/09/freebassel5years/
  • Free Bassel. It’s OK if you forget to mention it on social media using the tag #freebassel5years.

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