Bassel Khartabil, Beloved Technology Innovator, Arrested March 15, 2012. Executed October 2015. Death Confirmed August 2017.
In the News
07 Feb 2018Creative Commons launches Memorial Fund Grants and Fellowship in Memory of Bassel Khartabil by Creative Commons
05 Oct 2017The #FreeBassel Effect Proves Online Activism Is Still Powerful by WIRED
27 Sep 2017Bassel Khartabil: The Syrian Who Fought to the Death for a Free Internet by WIRED
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11 Aug 2017Honoring Our Friend Bassel: Announcing the Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship by Mozilla
11 Aug 2017Honoring Our Friend Bassel: Announcing the Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship by Creative Commons
10 Aug 2017المديرة العامة لليونسكو تدين مقتل السوري باسل خرطبيل الصفدي | إذاعة الأمم المتحدة by unmultimedia.org
10 Aug 2017Director-General condemns killing of Syrian media worker Bassel Khartabil Safadi by UNESCO
05 Aug 2017Euro-Med and Syrian Network Urge PA To Investigate Al-Safadi’s Execution by Syrian Network For Human Rights
05 Aug 2017Bassel lived for a peaceful and open Syria - so they killed him - Independent.ie by independent.ie
04 Aug 2017En Syrie, la mort en prison d’un passionné du logiciel libre by lemonde.fr
03 Aug 2017Man who created 3D version of Palmyra before city was destroyed by ISIS killed by Assad regime by Evening Standard
03 Aug 2017Disappeared Palestinian-Syrian software developer reportedly executed by The Electronic Intifada
03 Aug 2017Cyber-activist Bassel Khartabil, believed executed in Syria, remembered as 'one of the great ones' by CBC Radio
03 Aug 2017MIT Media Lab mourns after reported execution of Syrian activist by The Boston Globe
02 Aug 2017Bassel ou le courage d’un Libre by diane0sysop.wordpress.com
02 Aug 2017Syrian government executed activist Bassel Khartabil Safadi in 2015 by The Washington Post
02 Aug 2017They killed a champion of Syria and the Internet by theycantstopus.org
02 Aug 2017L’exécution en 2015 du Syrien Bassel Khartabil confirmée by RSF
02 Aug 2017On the death of Bassel Khartabil by MIT Media Lab
02 Aug 2017Un jeune informaticien exécuté dans une prison du régime syrien by liberation.fr
02 Aug 2017Bassel Khartabil, Activist Compared to Steve Jobs, Executed in Syria by Inverse
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02 Aug 2017Bassel Pays with His Life for Non-Violent Resistance in Syria by Human Rights Watch
02 Aug 2017Syrian-Palestinian online activist Bassel Khartabil confirmed dead years after arrest in Syria by Haaretz.com
02 Aug 2017Syrie : Bassel Khartabil, pionnier de l’Internet libre, a été exécuté en détention by France 24
02 Aug 2017Guerra en Siria: Vida, amor y muerte de un activista sirio: la extraordinaria historia de Bassel Khartabil. by El Confidencial
02 Aug 2017Syrian activist Bassel Khartabil executed in 2015, wife says by CNN
02 Aug 2017Bassel Khartabil: Syrian internet freedom activist 'executed' by BBC News
02 Aug 2017Syria: Extrajudicial execution of Bassel Khartabil a grim reminder of Syrian prison horrors by Amnesty International
02 Aug 2017Bassel Khartabil: Missing Syrian-Palestinian 'executed' by Al Jazeera
02 Aug 2017Syrian Activist Bassel Khartabil Reportedly Killed by Assad Regime by Al Bawaba
02 Aug 2017Wife of Palestinian-Syrian activist confirms his execution in Facebook post by Al Arabiya
01 Aug 2017Report: Syrian-Palestinian Open Internet Advocate Bassel Khartabil Has Been Executed by The FADER
01 Aug 2017Horrific: Reports that Bassel Khartabil Has Been Executed in Syria by Jimmy Wales Foundation
01 Aug 2017Global Voices Honors the Life of Open Web Activist Bassel Khartabil, Executed by the Syrian Regime by Global Voices
01 Aug 2017Bassel Khartabil, In Memoriam | Electronic Frontier Foundation by eff.org
01 Aug 2017Statement on the death of CC friend and colleague Bassel Khartabil by Creative Commons
05 Jun 2017Artists and Writers Celebrate the Work of Missing Syrian Developer Bassel Safadi by Global Voices
03 Apr 2017Entrevista a Noura Ghazi: 'Muchos consideran que Siria en sí es una gran prisión' by saltamos.net
23 Feb 2017Syrian women demand U.N. talks address fate of detainees by Reuters
30 Aug 2016Day of the Disappeared shines a light on countless cases where government opponents have simply vanished by The National
02 Jun 2016Trolls, Wales, whales, Nobelists, heroes, heroines by National Review
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17 Feb 2016The Heroic Effort to Digitally Reconstruct Lost Monuments by Smithsonian Magazine
04 Feb 2016被摧毀的敘利亞遺址 有望透過3D列印技術復原 by ARTCO
20 Jan 2016Wikipedia founder: Information can beat oppression by CNN
20 Jan 2016Preservation Project Uses 3D Printers to Fight ISIS’s Destruction of Heritage Sites by ARTFORUM
14 Jan 2016Archaeologists Revive Missing Activist's Dream Of Reconstructing Palmyra by Huffington Post
18 Dec 2015Syrie: qu’est devenu le prisonnier Bassel Khartabil, pionnier syrien de l’Internet libre? by France24
14 Dec 2015Boston Download: Bassel Khartabil Reportedly Sentenced to Death by BostInno
14 Dec 2015MIT Researcher Bassel Khartabil Reportedly Sentenced to Death in Syria by Boston Magazine
11 Dec 2015Bassel Khartabil: fears for man who brought open internet to the Arab world by The Guardian
10 Dec 2015International Human Rights Day 2015 by U.S. State Department
10 Dec 2015MIT Researcher Reportedly Sentenced to Death in Syria by The Huffington Post
04 Dec 2015#NEWPALMYRA, la technologie face à la barbarie by ARTE futuremag
03 Dec 2015باسل خرطبيل، السجين السوري الذي يكاد يفقد حياته من أجل الإنترنت by Global Voices
01 Dec 2015A death sentence for battling Syria’s censors? by The Electronic Intifada
30 Nov 2015Syrie : où est Bassel Khartabil? by Amnesty International
27 Nov 2015Menschenrechtsbeauftragter Strässer zum Verschwinden von Bassel Khartabil in Syrien by pressrelations GmbH
26 Nov 2015Software developer sentenced to die by Orient Net
25 Nov 2015El software libre y la lista negra digital: Libertad para Bassel Khartabil by Huffington Post
24 Nov 2015Tech world takes on icon-smashing Islamic State with a virtual Palmyra by Christian Science Monitor
20 Nov 2015Syria secretly sentenced free software developer Bassel Khartabil to death by Boing Boing
16 Nov 2015Публикация статьи о стороннике Creative Commons Басселе Хартабиле из Сирии, попавшем в тюрьму by Creative Commons Russia
13 Nov 2015Internetaktivister genrejser Palmyra uden Islamisk Stats ødelæggelser by Politiken
13 Nov 2015#FreeBassel: Death Sentence Rumored for Syrian Web Developer by Global Voices
12 Nov 2015IGF 2015 Flyer on Bassel Khartabil by EFF
11 Nov 2015MIT Media Lab Is Helping to Digitally Reconstruct Syrian City Ravaged by Tech-world-takes-on-icon-smashing-Islamic-State-with-a-virtual-Palmyra by Boston Magazine
10 Nov 2015Help Fight ISIS by Rebuilding Palmyra in 3D by The Creators Project
04 Nov 2015هل من أحد يسمعني … اعيدوا لي زوجي … اعيدوا لي قلبي by iamahumanstory.com
04 Nov 2015Syria: No Word on Activist Bassel Khartabil’s Whereabouts by Worldwide Movement for Human Rights
03 Nov 2015Disappeared Syrian Activist's 3-D Models Could Save Palmyra by The Voice of America
01 Nov 2015Syrie : Où Bassel Khartabil est-il secrètement emprisonné? by ACAT Canada
28 Oct 2015Archaeologists armed with ‘cheap’ 3D cameras hope to rebuild ancient sites razed by Islamic State by news.com.au
27 Oct 2015Salviamo la vita a Bassel Khartabil by Tuscia Web
26 Oct 2015With ISIS And A Refugee Crisis, 'Disappeared' Syrians Are Being Forgotten by AJ+
26 Oct 2015MITメディアラボが収監中のシリア人活動家に市民メディアセンターの研究職をオファー by Joi Ito
24 Oct 2015Free 3D Printable of the Week: #NEWPALMYRA by 3D Printing Industry
23 Oct 2015Bassel Khartabil, prisionero sirio que vive y puede morir por un Internet Libre by Medium
23 Oct 2015An Open-Source Project to Rebuild Palmyra by Architect Magazine
22 Oct 20153-D Models of Blasted, Ancient Syrian City Could Help Preserve the Past by Slate
22 Oct 2015MIT Media Lab offers research position to Bassel Khartabil by MIT Media Lab
22 Oct 2015MIT Media Lab reaches out to jailed Syrian activist with research position in Center for Civic Media by Joi Ito
21 Oct 2015A Jailed Activist's 3-D Models Could Save Syria's History From ISIS by Wired
21 Oct 2015 Die Geschichte von Bassel Khartabil: Er lebt für das freie Internet – und riskiert dafür zu sterben by Netzpolitik.org
21 Oct 2015WIRED article highlights #NEWPALMYRA project launch by Creative Commons
19 Oct 2015Read the story of Bassel Khartabil, Syrian prisoner who lives and risks dying for a free Internet by Creative Commons
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13 Oct 2015#FREEBASSEL: uwolnić zaginionego w Syrii aktywistę wolnej kultury by Wikimedia Poland
13 Oct 2015#FREEBASSEL: Desapareix a Síria el defensor de la cultura lliure que va reconstuir Palmira en 3D by Amical Wikimedia
11 Oct 2015#FREEBASSEL: Застъпник на свободната култура, правил 3D възстановки на Палмира, е изчезнал в Сирия by Wikimedia Bulgaria
09 Oct 2015Bassel Khartabil, prisonnier syrien qui vit et risque de mourir pour Internet by Slate
09 Oct 2015L'appello di Noura per il blogger siriano imprigionato #FreeBassel by Laura Boldrini
08 Oct 2015#FREEBASSEL: Free culture advocate who built 3D renderings of Palmyra missing in Syria by Wikimedia Foundation
08 Oct 2015#FREEBASSEL: У Сирії зник активний захисник вільної культури, який створював тривимірне представлення Пальміри by Wikimedia Ukraine
08 Oct 2015#FREEBASSEL: Un défenseur de la culture libre, créateur de modèles 3D de Palmyre a disparu en Syrie by Wikimedia Foundation
08 Oct 2015#FREEBASSEL: El defensor de la cultura libre que construyó representaciones en 3D de Palmira desapareció en Siria by Wikimedia Foundation
07 Oct 2015Syria: Disclose Whereabouts of Detained Freedom of Expression Advocate by Syrian Network for Human Rights
07 Oct 2015RELEASE BASSEL KHARTABIL, HELD UNFAIRLY SINCE 2012 by Reporters Without Borders
07 Oct 2015Palestinian free speech champion forcibly disappeared in Syria by Electronic Intifada
07 Oct 2015Syria: Disclose Whereabouts of Detained Freedom of Expression Advocate Release Bassel Khartabil, Held Unfairly since 2012 by Human Rights Watch
07 Oct 2015Syrie : Révélez le sort et l’emplacement d’un défenseur de la liberté d’expression. Il faut libérer Bassel Khartabil, détenu injustement depuis 2012 et transféré à un endroit tenu secret by Human Rights Watch
07 Oct 2015على سوريا كشف مكان اعتقال مدافع عن حرية التعبير by Human Rights Watch
07 Oct 2015Wo ist der syrische Creative Commons-Chef Bassel Khartabil? by Deutschlandradio Kultur
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05 Oct 2015Tahotra Momba Ilay Siriana Injeniera Informatika Voafonja, Nafindra Ho Aminà Toerana Tsy Fantatra by Global Voices
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