Bassel Khartabil, Beloved Technology Innovator, Arrested March 15, 2012. Executed October 2015. Death Confirmed August 2017.

Lawrence Lessig's statement

Date: 04 July 2012

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For most in the free software and free culture movements, the worst that ever happens is the sneer from a copyright lawyer. But in the middle east, the fight for freedom is generic: To stand for the right to create and share freely is to risk the most extreme response. Bassel is now suffering that most extreme response.

There are a thousand ways you can help the people of Syria. Here is one more: On this day of independence, stand with this one free soul. There’s a site, a Facebook page, and a hashtag: #FREEBASSEL. Use and share them all.

No doubt, puny stuff compared with Syrian brutality. But with the thousands who have Bassel in their prayers, let it be the beginning necessary to get the world to resolve to end this brutality. Now.

—Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School


你有幾千種方式可以幫助正為自由而奮戰的敘利亞人民。這裡就有其中一種:就在今天,請和Bassel 這個自由的靈魂站在一起。你可以在網站上、在臉書上,運用、分享#FREEBASSEL的標籤,支持釋放Bassel 的行動。

毫無疑問的,敘利亞當局的野蠻是如此巨大且真實。但在為Bassel 擔憂祈禱的數千位朋友們心中,就讓我們從這裡開始,做出必要的努力,讓我們發動世人,一起努力終結這一野蠻。就是現在。

—Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School